OO-AWT flightdeck

What you see from the right front seat! Notice the small access panel on the right side of the engine cowling. It allows checking the oil level of the engine, and straining the fuel filter. The small handle on the right helps you to climb on top of the wing, where the fuel caps are. Since the wings are on top of the cabin, the pilot needs to do some climbing to check the fuel level visually.
You might wonder... don't you have any fuel quantity indicators? Well, yes, but they're not reliable enough. They indicate "a" quantity, not "the" quantity. We check the fuel quantity visually in the tank itself prior to every flight, and estimate an amount based on what we see (or measure with a special stick if necessary). This amount has to be enough for the flight to be undertaken. If not... better get some fuel! We do use the fuel quantity indicators inflight, to check if there are no leaks and if fuel consumption is as we expected it to be. But never as a direct indicator of the fuel quantity in the tanks.

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