A strange picture, taken while overflying the "Vlaamse Ardennen" near Oudenaarde. We wanted to film a group of cyclists while they were working hard on the hilly roads which have made the "Ronde Van Vlaanderen" the most famous classic cycling race of all times. Not very easy to spot them from the air though! But we finally found them. And while we were filming them, they took this photograph. The circle marks the spot!

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Ringvaart Gent

Picture of the Ringvaart, south of Gent. The highway running from the bottom to the top of the picture is the E40, northbound heading for... the sea...

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Three balloons in one picture. According to well informed people, the lowest one is a balloon sponsered by DM-Line, the middle one by Leenbakker.

Planespotting has become a popular hobby, but there's balloon-spotting as well! For more information: ballonspotten site.

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Another balloon, this one was soaring along somewhere around Sint-Niklaas. As you can see in the picture, we weren't the only aircraft greeting the balloon.

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Nice flying weather today, a lot of activity in the Belgian airspace including some balloons. Two of them "spotted" on this picture.

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NIK 117.40MHz

A closer view on a type of navigation beacon we use: a VOR (Very High Frequency Omnidirectional Range... self-explanatory heh?) named NIK (Nicky), frequency 117.40MHz. You can find it south of "De Ster" near Sint-Niklaas.

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OO-AWT flightdeck

What you see from the right front seat! Notice the small access panel on the right side of the engine cowling. It allows checking the oil level of the engine, and straining the fuel filter. The small handle on the right helps you to climb on top of the wing, where the fuel caps are. Since the wings are on top of the cabin, the pilot needs to do some climbing to check the fuel level visually.
You might wonder... don't you have any fuel quantity indicators? Well, yes, but they're not reliable enough. They indicate "a" quantity, not "the" quantity. We check the fuel quantity visually in the tank itself prior to every flight, and estimate an amount based on what we see (or measure with a special stick if necessary). This amount has to be enough for the flight to be undertaken. If not... better get some fuel! We do use the fuel quantity indicators inflight, to check if there are no leaks and if fuel consumption is as we expected it to be. But never as a direct indicator of the fuel quantity in the tanks.

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OO-AWT flightdeck

This picture shows the cockpit of OO-AWT after departure from Grimbergen, levelling off at 900ft. This low altitude is required to prevent flying into the Brussels CTR which controls the activities at Brussels National Airport.
Try comparing it with the cockpit of OO-DKM (couple of posts lower)...

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Video: Grimbergen - Damme - Grimbergen

We've already posted some pictures, now it's time for the video. Flightplan was Grimbergen - Dendermonde - Sint-Niklaas - Zelzate - Kortrijk - Damme - Deinze - Gent - Dendermonde - Grimbergen. Enjoy!
To view the video click here!

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We recently did a flight with an instructor to familiarize ourselve with this Cessna 172 Skyhawk II. The goal is to use this aircraft when flying with passengers. The low wing on the aircraft we always used (the Archer) can obscure the view for the passengers when they try to spot something on the ground. A solution is to use sideslip, pushing the wing down, but this is not very comfortable for the passengers.
This 4 seat high-wing Cessna is a classic. Wings at the top which allows perfect view of the ground. Only negative side is the slightly less comfortable cabin, less space for everyone...

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You could say the Cessna 152 is a "golden oldie", but not this one... this is the second last 152 that left the Reims factory. First flight was 1988. 16 years old is actually very very young. The design of the 152 dates back to 77, and it was an upgraded 150 which is a design of the fifties!
It has long range tanks and an extremely well equipped panel which includes a Garmin 196 GPS. It's slightly heavier than other 152's and the strangest thing of all... it's an Aerobat (the 152 version built for aerobatic maneuvers). Yes, it has special doors you can remove inflight from the inside out. So if necessary, you can "bail out"... with a parachute ;-). You can see the system on this picture. Look at the hinges of the door, you can see a metal "rope" running from the hinges upwards, entering the cabin near the window.
Another Aerobat-specific item is the solid harness you need to strap yourself into before every flight. And there's a g-meter located on the panel.
Despite it being an Aerobat, the club only uses it for navigation flights. But it's probably one of the most beautiful 152's you'll find in Belgium!

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Video: Grimbergen - Kortrijk - Grimbergen

This video is a small and very basic experiment with Moviemaker. The clips were shot on a flight to Kortrijk. It was a bit grey and cloudy that day, clouds at 2000 feet with sometimes light rain.
To see the clip click here (video has been removed to free some webspace, sorry!).

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Frasca 142: new visual system

Another picture of the Frasca 142 sim, the glow of the visual system creates a nice accent in this picture. Our captain is currently inbound to ONW, a navigation beacon in Antwerp, at 1500 feet, preparing for another approach on Antwerp-Deurne airport.

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Frasca 142: new visual system

In the second column of this blog, you can see a picture of a Frasca 142 simulator. This simulator has been upgraded: a new visual system brings a whole new dimension to this project! For more information:

A new dimension for the Frasca 142!
This picture shows our captain nicely established on the ILS (Instrument Landing System) into Antwerp-Deurne airport. Glide and localizer... spot on! Even though he lost an engine prior to this approach, he still has to time to enjoy the view...

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Flight Grimbergen - Gent - Aalst - Grimbergen

Very nice picture of the cockpit of OO-DKM while a friend is flying. Cruising along at 1200ft, heading northeast somewhere between Aalst and Dendermonde. All instruments looking good... except for the engine RPM... but we know he's a bit of a speed devil ;-)!

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Flight Grimbergen - Damme - Grimbergen

Picture from the same flight showing good weather at the "Donkmeer". But apparently still not good enough for the boats to hit the water...?

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Flight Grimbergen - Damme - Grimbergen

After the beautiful summer of 2003, 2004 was a bit of a bummer with lots of cancelled flights. On this flight we were lucky. The plan was to go all the way up to the coastline, but a big wall of fog near Damme made us cancel that plan. A 180° turn was necessary... this picture shows Damme with the wall of fog blocking the way to the sea...

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The flight with the regional jet tracked the coastline, turning southbound near Knokke-Heist where this picture was taken. At the top of the picture you can see "het Zwin".

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EMB-145 Belgian Army

Went to Koksijde Airshow for a free flight on this EMB-145!

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Back in business

We'll be updating this small blog with several new pictures... when new movies are posted, old links may be removed because of webspace limitations. We hope you'll enjoy the new posts!

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