This little fella' became my flying mascotte... My nephew decided to put him on a transatlantic flight, to assist me while I was in Scottsdale, Arizona for my flight training. When he arrived at my place, he told me he enjoyed the flight across the ocean soooooo much, he wanted to be up there as much as possible. I understood this perfectly off course... "So do I, dude!" I said. So we decided he could make my headset bag his home. This way he could join me on all my flights, and he loves it! 
So here he is saying hi to all of you, waiting anxiously for another flight. Oh yes, he's seen it all. The sweat during training, the beauty of different landscapes, the thrill of a perfect landing and... Just a second he has something to add... what do you say? "The mess you get when you screw up!"...aaaah...shhh boy!!!
A true mascotte don't you think?

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schattige mascotte Dat is echt een leuke mascotte en leuke filmpjes op je site!

Groetjes Irene.

Gepost door: Queenie | 02-12-04

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